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Ainsley Elizabeth Tharp is a Bay Area (Ohlone land) based alchemist+artist+activist. She grew up in a small Texas town called Victoria (Karankawas land), she carries with her influence from catholic school, celtic folklore, mexican/tijuana culture, and white southern trailer trash. She’s a multimedia witch working to build new systems as an artist and collaborator. She creates visual alchemy as performance using various modes and media, such as movement, magic, ritual, video, projection, lighting, and the sculpting of readymade objects. Her work is queer, transcends boundaries and norms, and surpasses the conventional yes and no. She has performed internationally worked with various artists such as Sara Shelton Mann, Nathaniel Moore, Gizeh Muñiz, Keith Hennessy, Kathleen Hermsdorf, Kim Ip, Estrellx Supernova, Stephanie Hewett, Clarissa Dyas, NAKA Dance Theater, and Tori Lawrence & Co. Her work is femme. Her work is messy. Her work is a piece of the future.

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