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Nathaniel Moore is a Brussels-based artist with roots in the San Francisco experimental dance scene. Through their work as a dancer, researcher, choreographer, and archivist he is inspired by a necessity to address alienation, and create moments for connection through the activation of shared social, psychic, emotional, and political bodies. They have shared their work in Brussels, Berlin, and San Francisco, and have worked for numerous choreographers in North America and Europe. In 2022 they completed A.Pass(advanced performance and scenography studies), where they continued Infrastructure of Ghosts, a research formulating an active collaboration with ghosts, the meeting of which served as a portal through which to engage social embodyments. Other current engagements include: working with the archive of Ponderosa alongside Stephanie Maher. Tripsitting: a care practice in which Nathaniel and Andre Chapatte take turns curating and producing each others performance practices in periphery venues throughout Brussels.Trancing into the Collective Imagination: a group research with Stijn Smeets, Asher Lev, and Irina Lav involving collective trance, dreaming, archetype, and catharsis. And being a member at Artist Commons, a group of artists who gather around creating studio and performance spaces in temporary occupation buildings throughout Brussels.

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