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musician & designer

Seth Wenger is a vocalist and instrument designer captivated by the relationship of sound and space. “Wherever we are sounds relentlessly try to speak with us. Harmony and dissonance are synonyms for consent and dissent--my creative practice makes use of sound and space to complicate this binary. Carefully learning how to listen to a space precedes my decision of how to answer it musically. This chorus of tones--environment and response--is not only transformed by, but transforms the material environments we inhabit. Intentional and imaginative sonic conversations with our environments transcend fixed material understandings of place.” Originally from Iowa, Seth has a background in choral and folk music. In collaboration with the Brothertown Indian Nation, Seth is currently working on an experimental humanities research project around a collection of tunes from Thomas Commuck’s 1845 manuscript, Indian Melodies. He recently graduated from Yale University, where he studied music and ritual in nineteenth century North America.

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