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Set in a historic 18th century home and its surrounding fields, it is a quiet journey between two women, accompanied by the rich soundscapes of musicians Vicki Brown and Mona Chambers. It is for the wanderers of the fields who dwell in sadness, loss, and flight. And it is for those who are drowning, both inside and out. 


"Scene: Wheat field. A face, a frown in the eyebrows. A pocketful of dirt. Hand. A toy giraffe. Wooden chair in the wheat field. The kind of rocking that is grief. Scene: In a gorgeously dilapidated farmhouse, a fully-dressed woman in a bathtub. Fingers dripping water. The lining up of boots, the re-placement of boots. Something not right. She rolls across the floor—this, too, a grief. Scene: The two women partner each other in a light-filled room. A century of peeling paint. Sisters, I think. Best friends. The setting insists on story, and they are not lovers. Anger, comfort, a sadness made claustrophobic by the circling camera. As the woman from the wheat smears the bathing woman with dirt, I think loss—of child or childhood. The toy giraffe."



The Barnes Foundation (Philadelphia), 2012

Awarded "Best Dance Film" at Cyprus International Film Festival (Cyprus), 2013

Official Selection of Agite y Sirva Touring Screendance Festival (Mexico), 2013

Official Selection of Cape Town & Winelands International Film Festival, 2013

Official Selection of Oklahoma Dance Film Festival, 2013

Official Selection of Portland Maine Film Festival, 2013

Official Selection of Find31 Festival International Nuova Danza (Italy), 2013

Official Selection of Philadelphia Dance Projects' Motion Pictures, 2013

Official Selection of Tiny Dance Film Festival (San Francisco), 2013

Official Selection of Corinthian Peloponnesian Film Festival (Greece), 2013

Official Selection of En Route Dance Film Festival (online), 2012

Official Selection of HORIZON Screendance Festival (New Hampshire), 2013

Official Selection of Iowa Screendance (Iowa City), 2015




Choreographer/Director/Editor: Tori Lawrence

Director of Photography: Christopher Landy

Dancers: Lora Allen, Ashley Lippolis

Original Music: Vicki Brown, Mona Chambers

Sound Design: John Baker

Costume Design: Ellen Fishel

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